The experience
is the architecture.

Usable products designed and developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Does Your Website Have a Great Experience?

The design may be great. The technology may be cutting-edge. The code may be beautiful and clean. But is your website usable? Does your website delight your users? Unless your website builds a positive experience from the moment users log on, your site will not be the effective tool it should.

Experience: Usability, Design & Code.

A positive experience is the goal of every project; a positive experience keeps users coming back for more. How do you build a positive experience? A positive experience is the end product of usable, informed designs and code.

Building Positive Experiences.

A positive experience is the product of many converging disciplines. You need an eye for design. You must design and build with the user in mind. You have to know how to write code that works across all browsers.

I've built, designed, and coded applications that run on all browsers in front of audiences ranging in sizes, from a hundred to over a million users. I've worked on the "back end," the "front end," the design, and the usability evaluation. I bring the skills in all of the building blocks of a positive experience.

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